The profession of psychotherapist is regulated by the amended law of 14 July 2015 establishing the profession of psychotherapist – loi modifiée du 14 juillet 2015 portant création de la profession de psychothérapeute –, and the practice subject to prior authorisation by the Ministry of Health – ministère de la Santé.

In some cases, the professional recognition of the diploma by the ministry of Research and Higher Eductation – ministère de la Recherche et de l'Enseignement supérieur – is a prerequisite for obtaining the authorisation to practise:

  • holders of a recognised Luxembourgish diploma in psychotherapy can turn directly to the Ministry of Health – ministère de la Santé – to apply for the authorisation to practise;
  • holders of a diploma awarded outside Luxembourg are required to apply for professional recognition (also known as the recognition of professional qualifications) by the MESR before applying for authorisation to practise with the Ministry of Health – ministère de la Santé

Please note: 

Professional recognition serves only the purpose of obtaining access to a regulated profession. It does not confer a right to use an academic title and does not provide information on the level of the Luxembourg Qualifications Framework – cadre luxembourgeois des qualifications (CLQ). For more information on enrolment in the Register of formal higher education qualifications and related recognition criteria, please see the Academic recognition section.

Application for professional recognition

The application for professional recognition must be filed to the ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche (MESR) along with the following supporting documents:

  • The application form duly completed and signed (for applications submitted by regular mail only):
  • a copy of the evidence of formal qualifications (diploma, certificate, diploma supplement, etc.);
  • official proof of professional experience, if existing (copy of the employment contract, attestation by the employer, etc.);
  • official proof of legal establishment or professional recognition in one or more Member States of the European Union, if existing (copy of authorisation to exercise, decision on equivalence, document certifying membership of a professional order, etc.);
  • a copy of an identity document;
  • a copy of the valid residence permit for Luxembourg (applies to applicants who are not nationals of a Member State of the European Union or of a Member State of the European Economic Area or of the Swiss Confederation);
  • proof of payment of the fee: debit note/bank statement (for applications submitted by regular mail only. Online applications include payment by credit card);
  • if applicable, any other useful document.

 Documents in the original language must be accompanied by a sworn translation into English, French, German or Luxembourgish, if the original language is different: List of sworn translators, by the Ministry of Justice – ministère de la Justice.

The application can be submitted:

  • online, on

  • or by regular mail, sending the form together with the supporting documents to the following address:

Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche
18-20, montée de la Pétrusse
L-2327 Luxembourg

The fee of EUR 75 per diploma must be paid, for online applications on, by credit card when submitting the application. Applications sent by regular mail must contain the debit note/bank statement of the transfer to the following account:

IBAN: LU36 0019 5955 4436 2000

Name of beneficiary: Administration de l’enregistrement, des domaines et de la TVA
Communication: Taxe reconnaissance des diplômes, MESR, [name of applicant], [date of application].

A decision to refuse recognition does not entitle to a refund of the fee.

Course of procedure

After examination of the application for recognition, the decision is communicated by regular mail: 

  • direct recognition
  • decision granting compensatory measures
  • refusal of recognition

Direct recognition

In the case of a direct recognition, the application for the authorisation to practise the profession of psychotherapist must be filed to the Ministry of Health – ministère de la Santé.

Decision granting compensatory measures

The decision granting compensatory measures is based on the finding of substantial differences between, on the one hand, the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills acquired by the applicant, and, on the other hand, the professional profile of the psychotherapist as defined by Luxembourg law.

Professional recognition is therefore conditional on the successful completion of either an aptitude test or an adaptation period, in order to bridge the differences between the applicant’s qualifications and the professional profile of the psychotherapist in Luxembourg.

The details of the adaptation period and the aptitude test are set out in the letter notifying the decision to impose compensatory measures. The means of appeal are also explained in the above-mentioned letter, but are available under the heading Means of appeal as well.

After obtaining professional recognition following the successful completion of the compensatory measures, the application for the authorisation to practise the profession of psychotherapist must be filed to the Ministry of Health – ministère de la Santé.

Refusal of recognition

In the event of a decision refusing professional recognition, the means of appeal are explained in the letter notifying the decision, but are also available under the heading Means of appeal.

Please note:

Any practice of the profession of psychotherapist without prior authorisation to practise issued by the Ministry of Health constitutes an illegal exercise and is punishable by law, even if the professional recognition of the qualifications has already been obtained from the MESR.

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