Academic recognition (register of formal higher education qualifications)

Degrees and right to carry the title

Depending on the country in which a diploma is awarded, different procedures apply for academic recognition in Luxembourg.

Holders of higher education diplomas awarded in Luxembourg, and which are either recognised by law as national diplomas or accredited by the ministry of higher Education and Research, are not required to take any administrative step. An exhaustive list of recognised/accredited higher education institutions and recognised/accredited study programmes is available in the National diplomas section.

Under the Benelux Decisions on mutual automatic recognition, certain higher education diplomas from Belgium and the Netherlands are recognised ex officio as well. More information can be found in the BENELUX diplomas section.

Diplomas and degrees awarded outside Luxembourg, and which are not covered by the Benelux decisions, fall within the scope of the procedure for registration in the register of formal higher education qualifications – registre des titres de formation, section de l’enseignement supérieur. More details are available in the section Any other foreign diploma.

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